It’s the pits!

Last Thursday our underground, 3-phase electrical pit was installed.  Might not sound that exciting, but after what seems an eternity of planning and researching, it represents our first “tangible” step towards our dream home.

electrical_pit - 1
Electrical Pit

Initially I was concerned as to whether three phase power was available – given our area is one of those post-War, baby boomer suburbs that has quite old (and at times flaky) infrastructure. I had read horror stories on forums about people needing to spend big bucks on obtaining 3 phase installations, so I decided to check.  A phone call to the disturber turned out to be even more concerning; they were unable to tell us if we had it in our street or not!  Turns out that we did, so no need to worry.

The application process itself is quite straightforward, I submitted an application to our distributor at the start of August.  Carlisle had pre-filled the form with some Builder and Electrical Contractor details.  We just had to provide some personal details and a site sketch.

The distributor came back to us mid August.  The quote was about $3800 – which included $1100 in additional cabling.  The base price comes with 5 metres of cabling, however we required a total of 28 metres of cabling from the pole to the pit.  There is a 20 day installation timeframe from payment, for us it took about three weeks for the pit to be installed.

The physical installation took about a day.  As can be seen from the photos below, the crew dug up pretty much our entire nature strip and then went straight under the road to the power pole.  From there the cable is coiled & taped awaiting connection to the network.

electrical_pit - 2
Dug up nature strip
Version 2
Coiled cable awaiting connection

Step one completed; a million more to go!


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