Electricity. Abolished.

Board after the meter has been removed

Electricity and gas service abolishment is a key pre-requisite for demolition.  Abolishment is the removal of a distributor’s assets from a property.  For electrical abolishment, this includes removal of the (smart) meter and disconnection of lines to the premise.  

Both types of abolishments follow a similar process.  For houses with active services (like ours was), you submit your application through your retail provider.  The form is only a single page; ensure you have your NMI & Meter number handy.

The lead time for the execution of an abolishment consists of a 3-5 day retailer “processing time” and a regulated maximum 20 day window for the distributor to enact the physical removal.  The cost is in the order of $180.

Overhead powerline to the house has been cut

However, there is a key point that you need to be aware of as it may impact your timeline.  The regulated 20 days for the distributor only commences once you have vacated the premise.  There is no option to schedule. Originally, I had (rather naively) thought that I could schedule the abolishment twenty days out and then move out of the property one or two days before to minimise the time we were out of the house.  This is not possible.  You must be out of the house for the clock to start.

In our case the abolishment occurred about 2 weeks after we moved out – from what I’ve heard this is about average.


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