It’s gone

Our old home is gone.  We dwelt there for 10 years, raising three children. Prior to that it was the home of my grandparents for decades.  It was a place I had known since I was a child.  A lot of memories for a lot of people.  It was hard to say goodbye, but now its time to look forward to what will be.

30 Northcliffe Rd
Our old house
The block today

We engaged Dig Dig Demolition as our demolition contractor after inquiring with a number of providers.  We found Dig Dig to be friendly, accomodating & cost competitive.  That said it is still worthwhile to shop around, obtain quotes and compare.

Dig Dig initially came onsite a few months previously to do an inspection and quote.  Not all providers actually come in person.  Others rely on Google Maps/Street view/phone to provide their quotes.  I personally preferred those that came in person.  Not only does it help to provide a better quote, but it also give us you the opportunity to meet and great and get a feel for the people who will do the work.

Our builder provided us with a list of demolition requirements which we confirmed with the Dig Dig.  And they in turn provided us with a checklist of pre-demolition activities which we found very valuable.  The key items on the checklist were:

  • Electricity and Gas Service abolishment
  • Site fencing
  • Obtaining an asset protection permit from council
  • Obtaining any permits necessary for the removal of trees on the property
  • Marking anything we wanted to remain

Once we supplied a deposit, Dig Dig applied for the appropriate demolition  permit with council.  This took about three weeks during which we applied for and obtained the asset protection permit from council.

We used 1300TempFence for our temporary fencing.  There are a tonne of providers in the temporary fence hire space.  I think I rang about 5-6 and that only scratched the surface.  We selected 1300TempFence for three reasons:

  1. They were the preferred provider for Carlisle so once we moved into the build phase I would not need to get the fencing taken down – it would just roll into build with Carlisle taking on the responsibility
  2. They were cost competitve
  3. They provided the best and professional service

The booking process was very simple, just phone to book and pay.  Installation could occur next day if required.

Erected Site Fencing

All the demolition planning and organisation was in place as we set off on a short overseas holiday at the end of November.  We had it timed such that when we returned in early December the physical demolition would be ready to go.

The actual demolition was about 3-4 days.  It consisted of four phases; asbestos removal (which existed in the eaves, bathroom and laundry), salvage crew, brick & roof drop and finally the machine that levelled the structures and cleared the site.

Dig Dig were really good to deal with and produced a good result. I would recommend their services.

demolition - 1
Demolition in Progress – Asbestos Removed and Bricks downed
demolition - 3
Demolition in Progress – Roof removed

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