Fence Interrupted

Received a call from the council today notifying me that our temporary fencing had come down; falling forward onto the path.  The council requested that I attend to the situation with some urgency as there is an aged care facility in close proximity and the residents frequently use this footpath for their daily walks.  Any obstructions would be problematic.

I was at work at the time of the call and quickly jumped onto a train to get back to the block.  This is what I found when I arrived.

A run of 5 panels had come down; presumably in the winds from the night before. I had not realised earlier, but this run did not have a return panel.  However, the other side (just showing to the right of the first photo) did have a return and had not moved.

I rang the fencing provider to report the situation. Initially, they said that I would need to get additional bracing (at a cost to me) to make the fence more sturdy. When I provided pictures of the situation, they offered to come out and rectify.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to attend until the next day. So in the interim, I righted it and then shored it up to ensure it had a slight backward inclination.  I contacted the council and gave them an update which they appreciated.

The next day, I checked in and discovered that the provider had added a return and attached some additional bracing – it shouldn’t be moving now!


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