Final Construction Drawings

Today we received two copies of our Final Construction Drawings, Colour Selections, Sketches and a building variation.  This represents the last opportunity we have to ensure all is correct before moving into the construction phase.

Once the content is confirmed as ok, Carlisle have requested that every page on both copies is signed by us and one complete set returned to Carlisle for their records, with the other remaining with us as the client copies.

From the contract stage there have been a number of further reports and site surveys that have been undertaken which have been reflected in the building variation.

Key modifications include:

  • Additional fill work required as identified from the second survey, up from 450mm to 500mm
  • Deletion of steel screw piles to the Waffle Raft slab in accordance with the Engineering reports
  • Deletion of additional steel reinforcement due to P class site in accordance with the Engineering report

These modifications have result in a change to site costs. Furthermore, there have been some other changes including:

  • Our 4 – 5 panel corner bi-folds have become 3 – 4 panels due to manufacturer design changes.  Each panel has increased by approximately 90mm
  • Wall Mounted TV Pre-wiring to the Living and Theatre rooms as per our request
  • All transoms be removed from our awning windows to give them a cleaner look as per our request
  • Additional noggins have been included to support the TV wall mounts as well as in the meals and kitchen to support the hanging of pendant lights



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