Selecting an Inspector

In my opinion, engaging the services of an Independent Building Consultant during construction is beneficial.  Their objective is to highlight any defects in a new home whilst its being built. This is an independent voice aiming to ensure the builder is meeting quality standards, against relevant codes & standards, and hence hopefully averting potentially costly rework later. Given the size of the investment one makes into a new dwelling, it is a small price premium to pay (somewhere between 0.5% to 1% of purchase price) for peace of mind.

When it came time to selecting a building inspector we did a fair amount of research.  Ultimately, however, we relied on “word of mouth”. After receiving a number of recommendations from my work colleagues we decided to employ the services of Darbecca.  Darbecca’s mission statement is:

We will provide the highest quality new home inspection support with integrity; accountability and responsive communication to assure the customer needs are fully satisfied.

Throughout the new home building process, we deliver the highest industry standards through cost-effective solutions, not because of convenience but because of our commitment, our values, and our principles.

We will provide our clients with a product that holds integrity, honesty and accuracy as its key core attributes. Our aim is to be the first choice for our clients, through reputation alone.

Darbecca offer a number of different inspection services for dwellings:

Inspection Description Will we get it?
Pre Pour Base An Inspection conducted in the afternoon prior to the slab pour. Checks the slab pre-work No
Slab/Frame An Inspection of slab and frame works including roof trusses and bracing Yes
Pre-Plaster/Lockup Checks electrical, plumbing & ducted heating rough-ins. Additionally, if possible, the brick work can be checked for compliance Yes
Fixing Stage Conducted prior to paintwork. Checks plasterwork including architraves and skirting, and internal doors installed Maybe
Final Stage Final inspection walkthrough with the builder Yes

According to the research we performed, the three inspections we have definitely selected tend to be most popular and where the most value is gained.  We are still weighing up whether to have a fixing inspection as I have heard mixed reports about the benefits.  Darbecca offer package deals if you bundle more than two inspections to help with the price point. Payment for an inspection is expected on the day of service.

I found the whole engagement experience with Darbecca to be very positive.  My initial impressions, when dealing with them, was how professional and courteous their people are.  They spent a lot of time educating me about the process and expectations.  This generated confidence in their service.  Once selected, I notified Carlisle that we were engaging the services of an Independent Building Consultant and requested that they provide me with sufficient notice as to when a stage is completing so I can notify Darbecca.  Carlisle supplied me with an induction pack, which is a pre-requisite for coming onsite, which I forwarded onto Darbecca along with building plans, engineering specifications and the soil report for their reference.

As stated above, I believe it is important to engage the services of building consultant, not because I do not trust the builder, but to have an additional independent & objective voice in the process that can highlight issues with the goal to ensure quality and avoid rework later. I’m confident in our selection of provider and we look forward to working with Darbecca on our home project!


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