Missing in Action

Disaster! Panic!

We were informed last week that our tile selection was no longer available.  The tiles we loved and had agonised over during colour selection; our super white 600×600 porcelain rectified tiles!

We could not believe it.  We could not imagine that such a tile would be discontinued; it’s a neutral colour that we were sure was quite popular. Our Carlisle client liaison requested that we come back into Spectra over the coming weekend to select new tiles.

I got straight onto Beaumont Tiles.  Luckily, I got to speak to a knowledgable person. Yes, the old tile had been discontinued, but it has been replaced with a new tile of exactly the same description; Super White 600×600 Porcelain Rectified Tiles.  The reason?  Well apparently they had switched suppliers as the version from the previously supplier were getting progressively darker in shade; I guess not “Super” enough.  So, they were sourcing the product from a new supplier.  This then resulted in a new product code and hence our old order being flagged as discontinued product.

replacement tile - 2
Product details for the replacement tile.
replacement tile - 1
New tile compared to the old (click to zoom)

Being pedantic, we were down at the Beaumont’s showroom in Dandenong first thing Saturday morning to view a sample. Fortunately they had it in stock, and I was able to purchase a single 600×600 tile. To our eyes it appeared to be exactly the same as the original tile. The ultimate test, however, was to take our sample over to the Canterbury display home in Somerfield, which has the original Super White tile (yes we picked what was on display!), and do a comparison.  As you can see from the image to the right, it’s pretty damn close.  If anything, it’s a tiny bit brighter, but this could easily be attributed to a variation between tile batches.

Anyway, after a thorough investigation we were comfortable with the tile (even if we did look a little strange traipsing around a display home with a 600×600 tile under my arm) and sent the details through on to Carlisle.  They confirmed that they were able to source the tile.

All is well with the world again!


Wanted: Public Liability Insurance

Discovered an interesting fact today.  Even though our Builder is fully insured for the upcoming build, that coverage does not extend to public liability.  So if, during construction, a worker was to injury themselves they would be covered.  However, if someone was to wander onto the block and injure themselves, they would not be covered.

Given that presently the block is vacant and the build has not started, the situation is worse.  It is effectively uninsured.  Too risky a proposition for me.

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Fence Interrupted

Received a call from the council today notifying me that our temporary fencing had come down; falling forward onto the path.  The council requested that I attend to the situation with some urgency as there is an aged care facility in close proximity and the residents frequently use this footpath for their daily walks.  Any obstructions would be problematic.

I was at work at the time of the call and quickly jumped onto a train to get back to the block.  This is what I found when I arrived.

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