Day 44: Frame Inspection Day

Today was the first opportunity to walk through our (future) house!  It was slab/frame inspection day. As posted previously we selected the services of Darbecca for our Independent Building inspections.

I met Dave from Darbecca on site, along with our Carlisle Site Supervisor, and spent over an hour walking through the structure, asking questions and taking photos. I will cover the outcome of the inspection in a later post, however in the interim I thought I’d post some photos for you to have a look at! Click into any image for a larger view.

Selecting an Inspector

In my opinion, engaging the services of an Independent Building Consultant during construction is beneficial.  Their objective is to highlight any defects in a new home whilst its being built. This is an independent voice aiming to ensure the builder is meeting quality standards, against relevant codes & standards, and hence hopefully averting potentially costly rework later. Given the size of the investment one makes into a new dwelling, it is a small price premium to pay (somewhere between 0.5% to 1% of purchase price) for peace of mind.

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Day 39: Updated Timeline

Just had a check in with my Construction Supervisor.  He has provided us with updated timelines for the next milestones.

Frame Completion 19th April
Roof start 26th April
Brick start 9th May
Plaster start 11th May

These dates are of course tentative, but gives us a good indication of what’s up next.

The supervisor has also requested that I notify our independent building inspector to organise our first inspection which is currently slated for the 19th of April.