Site Start Dates

We received our site start dates from Carlisle today!

Temp Fence and Banner 4th March
Site Cut and Toilet 7th March
Set out and Bin 9th March
Electrical Connection 11th March
Drains 17th March
Slab Start 21st March
Slab Pour 23rd March

The excitement builds!


Fence Interrupted

Received a call from the council today notifying me that our temporary fencing had come down; falling forward onto the path.  The council requested that I attend to the situation with some urgency as there is an aged care facility in close proximity and the residents frequently use this footpath for their daily walks.  Any obstructions would be problematic.

I was at work at the time of the call and quickly jumped onto a train to get back to the block.  This is what I found when I arrived.

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