Our gas service was decommissioned last week.  The process for removal was almost identical to my previous article on electricity abolishment.

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Electricity. Abolished.

Board after the meter has been removed

Electricity and gas service abolishment is a key pre-requisite for demolition.  Abolishment is the removal of a distributor’s assets from a property.  For electrical abolishment, this includes removal of the (smart) meter and disconnection of lines to the premise.   Continue reading “Electricity. Abolished.”

On the dotted line….

On Thursday, we signed the contact for our Canterbury 44! We are very excited to reach this milestone and start to close out the planning phase of our build.

I thought I’d put down a few thoughts about the contract process for those that may be interested, as there is quite a bit of information to get your head around, and typically in a relatively short period of time.

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