Final Construction Drawings

Today we received two copies of our Final Construction Drawings, Colour Selections, Sketches and a building variation.  This represents the last opportunity we have to ensure all is correct before moving into the construction phase.

Once the content is confirmed as ok, Carlisle have requested that every page on both copies is signed by us and one complete set returned to Carlisle for their records, with the other remaining with us as the client copies.

From the contract stage there have been a number of further reports and site surveys that have been undertaken which have been reflected in the building variation.

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Water tank tanked 

The hydraulic report for our construction has returned with the conclusion that a fully charged water system is not required. During the tender stage, a requirement was added to our contract that a  “Fully charged system including a water tank supplying the toilets” was necessary not so much due to the local water infrastructure, but as a council sustainability requirement for new dwellings.

In light of the report, Carlisle  inquired as whether we still wanted the water tank.  I was somewhat confused as I was still under the impression that there was a sustainability requirement.  I went online and referred to the Kingston council’s Integrated Storm Water Management Plan, but could not get a definitive answer.

Therefore, I decided to contact the council directly and speak to the relevant department. There I was informed that this requirement is typically tied to those constructions requiring planning permits i.e. multi-unit dwellings.  Given that we were not in that category, then it was not necessary to install a tank.

Based on that information I informed Carlisle not to proceed with the tank installation. The price quoted was significant and it is something that we can easily look into in the future.

On the dotted line….

On Thursday, we signed the contact for our Canterbury 44! We are very excited to reach this milestone and start to close out the planning phase of our build.

I thought I’d put down a few thoughts about the contract process for those that may be interested, as there is quite a bit of information to get your head around, and typically in a relatively short period of time.

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